Saving, Benefits, and Working

Story: OVR + PASS + PATF Working Together

A man smiles with his family while sitting in a power wheelchair in front of an adapted van. His two daughters sit on his lap and his wife stands behind him.
Sharrod and his family enjoy their accessible van.

When Sharrod was 9 years old, he contracted bacterial meningitis, and had to have partial amputations of both arms and legs. He gradually learned how to use his prosthetic limbs and his power wheelchair, which made it possible for him to attend his neighborhood school.

Sharrod worked hard to reach his goals to have a job and a family. He worked at various jobs while attending college, and is now employed full-time at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). To get to work, Sharrod needed to purchase a vehicle with a ramp and specialized hand controls. Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation (PATF) helped put together a funding package.

Pennsylvania’s Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) paid for the vehicle modifications, Sharrod saved money in his PASS account for the down payment on the van, and a PATF low-interest loan paid for the balance of the van.