Protecting My Money


It’s important to protect your money. A credit union or a bank, if insured, is a safe place to keep your money. Both offer services that can make it easy for you to protect your money, track your expenses, and set up a savings plan.

In this topic you will learn:

  • The difference between credit unions and banks,
  • What services are offered by credit unions and banks,
  • How prepaid cards work,
  • Why you should avoid check-cashing stores, and
  • How to protect yourself from identity theft.
A woman stands with her guide dog at an ATM using headphones to hear the commands and pushing her debit card into the card reader.
Suzanne is able to access an ATM using the headphone jack to hear instructions and the braille keypad to type in her Personal Identification Number (PIN).

At the end of this topic, you will have the opportunity to see what you have learned and think about how you plan to use your new knowledge. Complete the quiz on the Let’s Review page to earn your Protecting My Money Badge.

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Cents and Sensibility: A Guide to Money Management

This topic corresponds with Chapter 5: Where Should I Keep My Money? in the book Cents and Sensibility: A Guide to Money Management. Learn more about Cents and Sensibility.