Adult Decision-Making


Everybody has to make important decisions throughout their lives. This section explains some of the legal terms you should know when it comes to decision-making power.

In this topic you will learn about:

  • Legal information about decision-making,
  • Questions to ask when considering decision-making support options,
  • Decision-making power given by the person,
  • Decision-making power given by the courts or government agencies,
  • Supported decision-making, and
  • Designating others to receive medical information.
A young man using a power wheelchair sits with two older men around documents laid out on a table.
Michael gets guidance from his father before signing the bank documents for his new adapted vehicle.

At the end of this topic, you will have the opportunity to see what you have learned and think about how you plan to use your new knowledge. Complete the quiz on the Let’s Review page to earn your Adult Decision-Making Badge.

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Cents and Sensibility: A Guide to Money Management

This topic corresponds with Chapter 9: Adult Decision-Making in the book Cents and Sensibility: A Guide to Money Management. Learn more about Cents and Sensibility.