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Story: A College Degree Made Possible by AT

A young man rides a mobility scooter across a college campus.
Tyler uses his scooter to get from class to class on campus.

Tyler is working on earning a bachelor’s degree at college. But, Tyler has Myasthenia Gravis, and sometimes has to miss class due to fatigue and pain. Walking longer distances is difficult for Tyler. This is why he credits his new scooter with the opportunity to finish his degree. After his 15-year-old scooter was failing and insurance denied his claim, he started an online fundraiser to buy a new scooter. At the end of the summer, with classes fast approaching and only half the money raised, Tyler and his family applied for a Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation loan to cover the rest of the cost. 

Tyler’s new scooter disassembles easily for transport and does well in the snowy northwestern Pennsylvania winters. Tyler also uses a cane for support while walking, a shower bench and grab bars for stability in the bathroom, and a ramp to make it easier to enter and exit his home. Thanks to assistive technology, Tyler is well on his way to graduation!