An Overview

Do you want to learn more about managing your money? If you said yes, then you’re in the right place!

This website was created to help people with disabilities and their families and advocates learn about managing money. It is designed for learners of all ages, all experience levels, and all backgrounds. Whether you’re a student, a young adult, or someone with more financial experience, there’s something here for you.

Below you’ll find some suggestions on how to use this website.

A young man holds up a sign that reads Financial Empowerment Is... with handwritten answers.
For Roc, financial empowerment means money management, having his own business and home, being able to make his own decisions, being in control of his own future, and being able to manage his own finances for himself.

How to Use This Website


This website provides a step-by-step process to organize and manage your money. It is organized into topic areas. You can complete each of the topics in order, or you can use only the topics that are helpful to you.

These topics correspond to chapters within the book Cents and Sensibility: A Guide to Money Management. Learn more about Cents and Sensibility.

Cover of the book titled Cents and Sensibility.


Within each topic you’ll find activities to complete. These activities are designed to help you understand financial concepts, create your own money map (budget), and make plans to achieve your financial goals.

  • Each interactive activity is also available as a blank PDF worksheet to download, print, and complete on paper.
  • You can also print completed activities by clicking the “print” button beneath the activity.
  • Complete the activities in order, and fill them in as completely as possible. Some activities build on one another. This means later activities will automatically fill in based on your responses from earlier activities.
  • If you are using a public computer, save a completed activity by printing it out. Then be sure to clear the activity using the “clear” button, so your information is not visible to others who use that computer.

Topic Quizzes – Earn a Badge!

Each topic has a set of review questions at the end. These questions are a fun way to test your knowledge and think about how you plan to use what you have learned. Complete the review questions to earn a Topic Badge!

And, if you complete the entire website, you can earn a StudyMoney.us Certificate!

Ongoing Use of This Website

To improve your experience, this website stores activity information locally on the device you’re using. For the best experience, bookmark StudyMoney.us on your personal computer, tablet, or mobile device so you can return to it without losing your information.

If you are using a public computer, be sure to clear each activity after you have completed it using the “clear” button at the bottom of the activity. You can save your responses before you clear the activity, by printing your responses using the “print” button.

*Note: Learn more about how and why we collect and store your information in this website’s Privacy Policy.


We have worked with our web developers to meet WCAG 2 AA standards and run multiple rounds of user testing to ensure accessibility of this website. We know that accessibility needs vary widely based on the individual, and we hope you will contact us if you encounter any difficulties using this website so that we can make updates and changes as we continue to strive for full accessibility. Read more in our Accessibility Statement.

Helpful Tip!

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More Resources

Cents and Sensibility: A Guide to Money Management

The website and all of its activities are based on the book Cents and Sensibility: A Guide to Money Management, which was developed by Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation. This book is free to people with disabilities, and available in English and Spanish, in both electronic PDF and in print. Download Cents and Sensibility or request a hard copy.

Money Talks Webinar Series Recordings

Money Talks is a free webinar series on financial empowerment for people with disabilities hosted by Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation. Past recordings, transcripts, slides, and other materials are available on a variety of topics including money mapping, identity theft, PA ABLE savings accounts, voting, and more.

Additional Resources

Find a list of links to useful websites, books, guides, blogs, and fun games that can reinforce some of the concepts in this website. In addition you will find a list of local, statewide, and national financial education resources.


While you’re working through this website, you may come across a term in bold that is unfamiliar to you. Click on the word and you will be directed to the full definition in the Glossary. The Glossary is also linked at the bottom of every page.