Money Fundamentals

Story: Realizing the Benefits of Saving

A young man smiles at a young woman who is using a manual wheelchair. He points to a book on a shelf in a bookstore.
Raul and Lucy love hanging out at the book store in the mall.

Winter was coming. Raul needed a new pair of boots, but he was having a hard time figuring out where he would get the money.

Raul and his friend, Lucy, loved to go to the mall on Saturdays. They would take the bus and meet at the food court. Raul realized they were spending $10 or more on sodas, burgers, and fries. “Hey Lucy,” he said, “I’m going to eat before leaving home. That way, I can save money for a new pair of winter boots.”

Raul loved eating at the food court, but his winter boots had holes in them. He realized that if he started saving the money that he spent on fast food he could easily achieve his goal of buying new boots in a month or two.