Money Mapping (Budgeting)

My Monthly Income and Spending

Three things happen when you use a money map:

  1. You understand how and where you spend your money.
  2. You become more aware of your cash flow.
  3. You control your finances and your future.

Speaking of Income

There are basically two types of income: earned income and unearned income.

You might even have a source of unearned income that’s not on this list.

If you have earned income, you already know that you don’t get to keep all that you make because you have to pay taxes!

A young woman holds her paycheck and smiles in front of the sign for the store where she works.

Kimiko is proud of her paycheck!

Helpful Tip!

211 has a team of trained specialists available 24/7 to help you access the best local resources and services to address any of your needs. Examples include supplemental food programs, access to health care, and emergency information. Just call 211!