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Are You Ready to Start Managing Your Money?

By using this website and completing each topic, you’ve learned a lot about your finances and how to manage your financial future.

Let’s see which topic quizzes you have completed:

Completed Topics
Money Fundamentals
Money Mapping (Budgeting)
Savings, Benefits, and Working
Protecting My Money
A Home of My Own
Assistive Technology
Adult Decision-Making

If all 8 topic quizzes are checked, congratulations! It was a lot of work, but now you are prepared to take control of your money and your future! Move on to the next screen to earn your Certificate.

If you still need to complete some of those topics, go back and learn about them so you have a good handle on how to manage your money!

A young woman sits at a kitchen table with an iPad propped in front of her and crutches leaning on her chair.
Lauren uses her iPad to manage her money.