Money Fundamentals

Activity 2: My Money Habits

(This activity is also available as a blank, downloadable and printable PDF – Download Blank Activities 2 and 3 Worksheet)

Once you’ve developed a plan for your financial future, you’ll feel more in charge and in control of your money. Before starting on your plan, look at what your money habits are today.

Read each line below and select “yes” if the response sounds like you, and “no” if it does not.

1. I have a spending plan or budget.

2. I track my spending every month.

3. I pay my bills on time or before the due date.

4. I have money in a bank or credit union.

5. I pay my credit card balance in full every month.

6. I know the total amount of any debts I have.

7. I have seen my credit report in the past 12 months.

8. I save money every month.

9. I could pay for an unexpected expense today if had to.

Are there any NO answers above that might make it hard for you to achieve your financial goals? Take some time to think about this.

Helpful Tip!

Changing your money habits takes time. Don’t get discouraged.