A Home of My Own

Activity 18: My Housing Needs and Wants

(This activity is also available as a blank, downloadable and printable PDF – Download Blank Activity 18 Worksheet)

When identifying a place to live where you will be independent, safe, and content, carefully consider what you need vs. what you want (those things that can be flexible). For example, if you are employed, maybe living within five miles of your job with access to public transportation is a need. A want might be living within five miles of a movie theater.

For the best experience, please use a computer or tablet to complete the activities in this topic.

  Need Want
Location: (city, town, neighborhood)
Distance to: Job
   Family and friends
   Health care facilities
   Pharmacy and grocery store
   Public Transportation
Type of property: (apartment, townhouse, etc.)
Number of bedrooms:
Number of bathrooms:
Amenities: Parking
   On-site laundry
   In-unit laundry
   Community area
Assistance accepted: (vouchers, subsidies, etc.)