A Home of My Own

Activity 16: Preparing for Independence

(This activity is also available as a blank, downloadable and printable PDF – Download Blank Activity 16 Worksheet)

There are many responsibilities to being on your own besides managing all of the money topics we’ve discussed so far. In this activity, review each of the items in the task categories. Place a check mark in the column to indicate if you can do the task listed. Then check the support column if you need support to complete the task or if you already have that support in place.

For the best experience, please use a computer or tablet to complete the activities in this topic.

Task Can Do Need Support Have Support
1. Food
Meal planning  
Meal preparation  
Safe food storage  
Grocery shopping  
2. Personal Care and Hygiene
Shower and bathe regularly  
Schedule hair cuts  
3. Health
Determine need for medical help  
Schedule medical appointments  
Follow medical instructions  
Take medication w/out instruction  
4. Housekeeping
Change bed linens  
Routine house-cleaning  
Call for repairs  
5. Emergency and Safety
Operate locks on doors/windows  
Recognize the smell of gas leak  
Extinguish fire  
Contact police/fire by 911  
6. Transportation
Driver’s license  
Use public transportation  
Arrange for transport  
7. Social
Ask friends to come over  
Go somewhere with friends  
Hobby or other interest