Money Mapping (Budgeting)

Activity 11: Complete My Personal Money Map

(This activity is also available as a blank, downloadable and printable PDF – Download Blank Activity 11 Worksheet)

Now you’re ready to go! Use the form below to create your “Personal Money Map” for the next month based on your “Personal Statement of Income and Spending” you created in Activity 9. You’ll notice the Needs and Wants are already filled in with Planned Spending amounts – now is the time to edit and update those as you plan for the coming month. Once the month is complete, revisit this form and fill in your actual spending.

For the best experience, please use a computer or tablet to complete the activities in this topic.

My Personal Statement of Income and Spending for the Month of

Needs Planned Actual
Total Needs {{ total_needs | toCurrency }} {{ total_needs_actual | toCurrency }}
Wants Planned Actual
Total Wants {{ total_wants | toCurrency }} {{ total_wants_actual | toCurrency }}
Cash Flow
Planned Actual
Expenses (Total Needs + Wants) {{ expenses | toCurrency }} {{ actual_totals | toCurrency }}
Total Monthly Income
Total Cash Flow (Income – Expenses) {{ cash_flow | toCurrency }} {{ actual_cash_flow | toCurrency }}

Click the button to save your Money Map to a Google sheet.

The Google sheet will allow you to update your Money Map in the future. If you do not have a Google account you will need to create one to save your Money Map

{{ sheet_status }}