Money Mapping (Budgeting)

Activity 10: Comparison Shopping

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Ready to shop? Don’t forget to compare! A good way to spend wisely is to get in the habit of comparison shopping. Comparison shopping means comparing the quality, price, and convenience of the products or services you want before buying them.

As well as saving you a lot of money, comparison shopping also gives you information about what is available in your area, and allows you to use the shopping method that is most convenient and efficient for you.

EXAMPLE: Comparison Shopping for Jeans
(at the mall)
Discount Store
InternetThrift Store
Location:Far awayCloseMy homeVery close
Hours:ConvenientConvenientConvenientOnly open until 4:30 p.m.
Extra Costs:$10 for para transitNone$7 for shippingNone
Other:Fun to visit!NoneCan’t try them onDon’t have my size

Making Your Decision

In the example above, we chose to buy the jeans from the discount store. We took the following into consideration:

  • The jeans cost $15 less at the discount store than they did at the mall.
  • The discount store had the right size jeans, unlike the thrift store.
  • The discount store is easy to get to.
  • The online list price for the jeans is $5 less than the discount store, but when you add shipping it’s actually $2 more. This price might be worth the convenience of shopping from home, as long as you don’t mind not trying on the jeans first.
A young woman and a young man hold up jeans to show each other in a store.

Use the table below to comparison shop:

For the best experience, please use a computer or tablet to complete the activities in this topic.

Extra Costs:


Comparison shopping means comparing the quality, price, and convenience of what you want to purchase.